hi, I'm Christina
//otp list longer than ur dick
//aomine daiki is my spirit animal
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Which page/app/software did you use for you aokage image/edit o:?


Hi there! You might not believe it but I just used the pic collage app for iPhone and android to make it. It’s super easy to use but if you tried to cram lots of photos (like I did for my AoKaga post) then things will start getting a little hectic and a bit frustrating. I hope this answers your question!

and this is why i like armin


i want flawless eyebrows and $100,000


today i sneezed in class and two people said “bless you” i’m getting famous faster than u all think


7 billion people, 14 billion ass cheeks


treat me like a college textbook. spend lots of money on me but never touch or look at me